Apps/games/exercises to improve mental acuity and develop trust in your own perception and intuitive abilities.

An initial discussion can be found in the article: Mental acuity.

Game #1

This first game/exercise is very simple. You have 10 seconds to decide if the the number of dots is equal to the number displayed at the top of the screen.

It has no user-configurable settings/options.

You have a more-or-less 50% chance of guessing correctly but the time available is much less than the time required to count the dots so you must rely on your mental acuity (intuition) to get a score better than 50%.

Results: 0/~ = ~ %

You can stop the game by clicking the × at the upper right of the modal window or navigating back. It will stop automatically if you miss 3 in a row.

It is possible that two dots could occur in exactly the same place. If this happens, the resulting dot will be darker than the others.

Tip: Take a moment to look at the dots and you should get a strong feeling for the correct answer. Choose that answer without any further delay. If you choose too quickly you’re not allowing time for mental processing (you’re just guessing). If you don’t go with your primary feeling, you conscious mind will start to override it.


More games/exercises will be added as we go along. In the meantime, please contribute suggestions/requests via the Support page.