Advertising on this site is intended to promote things that are directly relevant and immediately useful, e.g. the opportunity to obtain items or services referred to in an article.

  1. Our preference is for ads that provide a unique additional benefit to our visitors in the form of a special offer.
  2. Our preference is for ad placement that does not distract from the main page content or interrupt reading flow. Ads will typically be placed at the end of the page but they may appear between the main content and the comments in single column view e.g. narrow browsers on mobile devices.
  3. Any paid/sponsored content will be clearly identified as such.
  4. In situations where we don’t have a specific ad, we’ll use a generic service that has some kind of contextual awareness (note that personalization, if enabled, may need to be disabled for this to work properly).
  5. To inquire about advertising, provide feedback etc., please contact our Admin via the Support page.