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Updated: July 22, 2018

Astrology has enough basis to make it useful for correlating personalities and appearances

Astrology associates celestial configurations with human experience. Although it is a pseudoscience, there is some basis for limited cause & effect in relation to a person’s character and, in turn, their behavior.

Based on my experience, basic traits (personalities, appearances) attributed to people according to their astrological sign exhibit enough correlation to be taken seriously.


The basic rationale is simply this: If you are born at a time when there is more or less daylight, seasonal foods/smells, perhaps a slightly different gravitational field etc. - things we are all sensitive to - why would it not have an effect?

If the conditions change in a consistent way, it is reasonable to suppose the effects also change in a consistent way.

In my opinion, there is not a good argument to say that the effects are non-existent. The only real question is: How significant is it?

Testing it

There are 12 signs in the Western Zodiac. If there is strict causality, this means there can only be 12 types of people. We know this isn’t true so we’re looking at guidance at best.

  1. Test #1: Given only information about a person’s character, can you accurately determine their sign?.
  2. Test #2: Given only a person’s sign, how accurately does it predict their behavior?
  3. Test #3: How much do you modify astrological predictions once you have met the person?

Predicting behavior/decisions based on personality is reasonable. Predicting future events happening to that person based on their sign lacks both plausibility and empirical support.

When it fails

The astrological answer to bad correlation is to say that it’s more complicated and other [astrological] factors must be included.

An alternative explanation is that the effects are small and limited.


As a best guess: If I have absolutely nothing else to go on (rare), I might use an astro-sign to suggest an optimal approach.

As a cross-check: If someone reacts in a way not compatible with their sign, it might alert me to a problem.

To get to know someone properly: Asking someone to describe their personality is awkward. Asking, “Are you like your sign says?” is fun and no-one minds, even if they don’t believe in astrology.


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