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Updated: August 12, 2020

Making a conscious choice to feel that your tasks are easy and fun will transform your workflow

“Easy and fun” is a thought process for doing and planning. It seems to work in the same way that smiling can lift your mood. It bypasses a lot of conscious and subconscious barriers related to self-doubt and procrastination and when these are avoided your productivity can improve dramatically.

Whatever you’re doing or about to do it can seem more or less appealing. When it’s something you enjoy and know you’re good at, you’re golden. Not so much when it’s difficult or uninteresting.

Often, feeling unhappy about the task at hand can cripple your ability to complete it and, in turn, spoil your workflow.

While some types of positive thinking that relate to ability can backfire (you think/say something positive but end up feeling exactly the opposite), choosing directly how you feel about something seems to be more readily accepted by the subconscious and not intercepted (vetoed) so much by other thought processes.

After all, even though you might feel daunted by what you have to accomplish, someone somewhere would positively love to do it. So if it’s possible for someone to feel that way then it must be possible for you to feel that way (at least until you can find that person and employ them).

I’ve been amazed by how well this works and I use it to transform my workflow at the planning stages as well as the doing stages.

Doing: Tasks you have to complete

“This IS easy and fun” is effective as a mantra when you simply have to push through. Saying it out loud is most effective but merely thinking it also seems to work well.

Even when the task at hand stretches your ability, doing something makes you better at it (practice makes perfect) which is a positively reinforcing process.

Planning: Problems you have to solve

“This is going to be easy and fun” is effective as a visualization to be conducted before you launch into a project and accidentally set yourself up with tasks you are not well suited for.

When developing plans, you visualize them going smoothly in a way that makes you happy: See yourself saying, “Wow, this really did turn out be easy and fun!”

More info

Pieter Beens has created “P = (F+U)/N - Productivity and Fun in the Equation” at vertaalt.nu - fantastic!

“You Can Do It” at brainyquote.com.

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