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Updated: June 6, 2018

You can achieve the luxury yacht experience without the costs of owning or maintaining one

Example: This is the 166ft custom motor yacht “Sapphire” built in 2009 by Trinity Yachts with interior by James McFarlane. It features accommodation for 14 guests in 7 cabins and has the usual amenities including on-deck jacuzzi and a variety of toys. This yacht, along with many others, is available for charter - see for more information.*

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Maintaining a large luxury yacht is expensive. If you are very wealthy, owning such a yacht outright is generally considered to be one of the fastest ways of becoming not very wealthy anymore.

Chartering a yacht allows you to contain the costs & liabilities and, unless you are intent on living aboard for an extended time, it is much more financially efficient. You can minimize the costs by avoiding the most in-demand times and not cruising far (if at all).

A yacht like the one featured above can typically be chartered for around $300,000 per week and will have at least 5 cabins in addition to a master suite.

It is, of course, highly recommended if not essential to have some experience before going straight for the mega-yacht experience. Smaller craft can be chartered or rented with the help of various websites & apps.

You’ll also gain a lot of useful advance knowledge from studying, talking to people who have boats, connecting with dealers and attending boat shows.

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