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Updated: June 30, 2018

Sources of reference for looking-up terms and acronyms plus explanations and examples

Within this website, we try to stick to the good practice of not using terms or acronyms unless they’ve been defined in context (e.g. “SERPs” - used below - is an acronym for “Search Engine Results Pages”).

Nevertheless, sometimes you need to look stuff up.

I’m honestly surprised to find myself thinking that a page like this might be useful. In the past I’ve always simply used search engines to look up info. When address bar search is enabled it’s always been the quickest & easiest option.

Search engine fails

I used to always use Google. Then I switched (mostly) to Bing because they paid me (Microsoft rewards) and I liked the news & info on the Bing homepage.

Google remained slightly better for finding technical answers until fairly recently when both of them started to have problems:

  • Bing - broke browser navigation. Seriously. Redirection prevented the back & forward buttons from working.
  • Google - returns a majority results from even though they seem to have dubious relevance.
    I don’t know if it’s just for me because any attempt to search for info about Forbes returns results only from Forbes.

For the past few weeks the Bing problem variously disappears and reappears. This is 100% caused by Bing - there’s nothing the end use can do about it.

The workaround for Google is to exclude

Exclude sites from Google SERPs

If you only want results from Forbes, you don’t need Google - you can use their own search directly: Search Forbes (provided you’ve passed their challenge screens once already):

If you don’t want results from Forbes you can use the minus site search feature by including “” in your search request (the opposite of site search):

You can include multiple site exclusions in a search which can be handy if personal or location search is overriding more wide-ranging results.

Why not Wikipedia

Wikipedia is often 100% correct but it’s not 100% trustworthy. I have personal experience of Wikipedia being altered to benefits someone’s personal agenda. As a matter of policy now, I double-check anything I find there:


Investopedia focuses on investing education and financial news:

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