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Updated: May 19, 2019

Buying in bulk at a discount and sharing to get things for free or make a profit

If you want something, it’s likely there are others who want the same thing. By buying in bulk at a discount and sharing, you can get the thing you want for free and still pass on some of the discount. Once you’ve done the initial work to secure the discount, purchasing quantities shouldn’t require much more effort than you were prepared to put in to buying one for yourself in the first place.

The calculator below will show you the minimum discount you need in order to get your item(s) for free - “Units removed” - by buying a case and distributing the rest at full price. If you enter the actual discount, it will show you how much of the saving you can pass on as a benefit/incentive.

Price per unit retail:p
Units per case:q
Cost of case:p·q
Units removed:x
Units to distribute:q-x
Min discount needed:p·x
Min discount as %:xq·100
Actual discount %:r
Discount amount:a=p·q·r100
Total after discount:p·q-a
Price per dist unit:c=(p·q-a)(q-x)
Saving per unit:p-c
Saving per unit %:(p-c)p·100
Profit due to rounding:

Example: $150 bottle of Champagne

Suppose you want a $150 bottle of Champagne. You can pay $150 for it, but spending like this is in direct opposition to increasing your wealth.

Conventional wisdom says save your money. However, with a little effort - i.e. purchasing a case with at least an 8½% discount and finding 11 other people who also want a bottle - you can get yours for free.

In addition to now being able to enjoy that Champagne without impacting your wealth, you’ll be benefiting the economy & society because you’ll be supporting the businesses, jobs & skills involved in making and supplying it.

Furthermore, you’ll be cultivating relationships (with people who like good Champagne) and, if you do a good job you might find you have what it takes to start a business.

When to not do this

It doesn’t make sense to do it yourself if your time is more valuable when put to another use, i.e. if doing something else makes you more money than you’d save using this approach.

Even so, you can still encourage someone else to do this and at least share the discount with you.

More info

If you are searching for the best pricing, the keyword you need is “wholesale.” Wholesale is the business of selling of goods in large quantities and at low prices. It is typically only accessible to bona fide retailers but that doesn’t mean exceptions can’t be negotiated. Example search: wholesale+champagne via

How to become a bona fide buyer: “How to Buy at Wholesale Price” at

You can share things using social media and through various dedicated websites, e.g. “Cool Websites for Sharing Things with Your Neighbors [LIST]” at not recently updated but you get the idea. There may also be websites specifically for your town or locality.

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