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Updated: July 28, 2020

Vision boards can influence your subconscious and subliminally help you with your goals

Vision boards express goals in the form of pictures on the basis that the subconscious responds better to visual images than to ideas encoded in language (words). This then leads to changes in behavior that your intuition identifies as the path to achieving the goal. Because it’s all handled by the subconscious, it’s easy. The principle is reasonable but it often gets overlaid with pseudoscience.

Vision boards are usually physical boards constructed as a collage:

Vision boards

Searching for "Vision boards" brings up plenty of examples. Some social media platforms can serve as electronic vision boards. There are on-line services dedicated to this purpose. Making your own can also provide anything from a fun craft project to an intro to webpage programming.

Comfort zone

Popular pseudoscience asserts that there are metaphysical laws connecting your vision board to reality. The danger here is that it provides a way to justify spending time perfecting the vision board instead of taking action.

Do vision boards work?

Making a vision board can help you focus on goals that are difficult to describe concisely in words but without action it is little more than artful day-dreaming. This may have a positive effect, it may also have a negative effect; either way, day-dreaming is not particularly effective.

Like all objectives, there will be some correlation between results and the strength of the desire to achieve them.

The question is really whether or not a vision board can influence your subconscious better than written goals and subliminally affect what you do in a way that takes you to your goals without so much conscious effort. I think it’s reasonable for this to be true to some extent, but it’s very difficult to measure.

Things and stuff

Pictures, of course, are very good at showing objects/things/stuff but less good at illustrating concepts such as feelings or states of mind which, arguably, are the most important aspects of a happy and fulfilled life.

What if it works too well?

If a vision board is truly effective, then it’s possible the process will take you to exactly what the pictures portray rather than what they represent. Be careful what you wish for and how your wish for it!

What if it doesn’t seem to be working at all?

Remember that vision boards are a tool and, as such, can be used in different way. Some of these ways will be wrong and chief among those is treating the vision board as a shrine to all the things you don’t have.

Even with a well-constructed vision board and a healthy attitude, whether consciously or subconsciously driven, it’s what you actually do that matters: The key is to take action.

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