Your privacy is something we take very seriously.

Privacy policy

We collect a minimum amount of data about your connection to our website and we do not retain it indefinitely.

We won’t abuse your privacy - we won’t sell or share any of your information with others except in anonymized aggregated data unless required to do so by properly authorized law enforcement.


  1. We don’t use cookies in the normal sense. We only use session cookies which are transient and not the same as what are commonly referred to as cookies (“persistent cookies”).
  2. Our CDN provider does set a persistent cookie but we have no control over it and we cannot turn it off (details).
  3. We use Google Analytics which deploys cookies and Google provides a browser add-on you can use to opt out if that’s important to you. The add-on is available for available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera from
  4. Some of our advertisers may use cookies. We have no control over this.

More information

Additional information - including technical information - together with the means for you to provide feedback, ask questions etc., are available on the Support page.